3886 State Rte 414
CANTON, PA 17724
Phone: (570) 673-5143
Repair/Warranty Service Dealers With Participation
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hess farm equipment inc. is an independent ECHO Servicing dealer. By being a Servicing Dealer, they carry a wide selection of ECHO equipment, offer outstanding customer support and provide onsite repair and service from ECHO trained technicians.

Seed It. Feed It. Watch It Grow.

Get that lush green lawn you want when using the RB-60 to spread grass seed, fertilize and want it grow into the lawn of your dreams. Learn More

ECHO's CSG-7410: A Hardscaper's Dream

Scott Sanders of Fraiser Outdoor Living Concepts reviews the CSG-7410 and thinks is a great addition to have for hardscapers. Check it out.